What You Needed To Know About Dollar General

Dollar General

The name “Dollar General” refers to more than a grocery store. It’s a retailer chain that offers low-cost products at competitive prices.

What Is Dollar General Store?

If you live in the US, then you are most likely familiar with Dollar General Corporation, the biggest chain of variety stores. J.L. Turner founded it in 1939. Now, its headquarter is in 100 Mission Ridge, Goodlettsville, Tennessee, United States. Its current chair is Michael M. Calbert, and Todd Vasos is the CEO

As of February 2020, Dollar General has operations 16,279 outlets throughout the United States. While other retailers often have many locations, this chain only has one location in each state, except for Alaska. The stores sell all sorts of products, from clothes to food. They carry cleaning supplies, home decors, toys, and even seasonal items. It’s like a one-stop-shop where you can find everything that you need. 

What’s Good About Dollar General

What makes Dollar General or dgcustomerfirst stands out from the competition is their wide range of products. is that whether you want to buy baby clothes, groceries, and household appliances, you will find it at one of their locations. From everyday household goods like laundry detergent and dish detergent, to fancy department stores like Victoria’s Secret, you will always have an assortment of items to choose from.

Shoppers Go-To Chain

When it comes to choosing the right department store, many shoppers are concerned with the price of the product or service, but some shoppers don’t even care if they are satisfied or not. For those shoppers, this chain is definitely the one to go to.

Affordable Pricing

You will never have to worry about overpricing at Dollar General. Their employees make sure to offer great deals and specials every single day, giving you the opportunity to purchase just the products and services that you need at the price that you want.

Quality Products

If you are looking for quality products at a reasonable price, then you should definitely visit a Dollar General store. It’s easy to find great deals and great customer service when you go to one of their locations.

Friendly Staff

Another reason why many people love to shop at Dollar General is their friendly, yet knowledgeable staff. They have knowledgeable clerks that can help you with anything you are having a question about when shopping there.

Discount Cards Are A Big Yes

Other things that you will enjoy shopping at Dollar General are their discount cards, as well as loyalty programs. For the price of a few dollars, you can enjoy special discounts on specific products and services.

Door-to-Door Hand ins

In addition to offering discounted products, you can also get your favorite merchandise delivered right to your door. When you want a particular brand or type of soda, popcorn, or frozen yogurt, you don’t have to run to the store and wait in line for hours to get it.

Step-by-step Guide to Join the Sweepstakes

Here is a guide on how you can join the DGCustomerFirst sweepstakes: 

  1. Open any internet browser (it could be Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Internet Explorer) 
  2. Type https://www.dgcustomerfirst.com in the address bar.
  3. There are options for languages, but the default is English. If you prefer this language, then you may start filling in the fields. 
  4. If you wish to switch to Spanish, then press the Spanish language button. The page will reload now in Spanish. 
  5. When you enter the store number, put a 0 (zero) at the beginning, then the time the receipt was printed out.
  6. Encode the 15 digits code that you find at the bottom of your receipt. This number is a unique code.
  7. Once the code is accepted, you may click start.
  8. Questions will not start to show, and you may go ahead and answer the questions. There are options for answers, so pick the best answer for you. 
  9. Best to answer all questions so you could finish the survey and join the sweepstakes. Expect questions like your level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction about the stores, the products, the employees, the arrangement of goods, the service, the cleanliness, the facilities, the prices, and questions related to your visit. 
  10. When you are done answering all these questions, you will go straight to the final page. You must enter your full name, valid phone number, and email address.
  11. Once you finish all these, you will receive an entry number with the draw. Remember that you can only have one entry per period, and a period is one week. 


One last way to check out the quality of products at Dollar General is to find out how long it will take to get them to your house. If you are worried about the shipping times, you can call them before making a purchase to see how long it will take them to get you the product you are ordering.

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