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    Co-Founders Carly Bennie, Caroline Kassie and Ashley Steinhauer Otto each had personal experiences with mental illness that while varied in type and severity, were linked by a feeling of stigma preventing them from utilizing their support systems, as well as a lack of knowledge about how and where to seek help. From these experiences they recognized the need for both easily accessible resources and a robust dialogue surrounding emotional health and resilience. The Dialogue Projects was born in 2014 to break down the stigma associated with all types of challenges that fall under the mental health umbrella, and to fund organizations with similar goals and missions.

     All of The Dialogue Projects' products are limited edition and feature an illustrated elephant, our company symbol, to represent the proverbial 'elephant in the room’. The Dialogue Projects is a social enterprise, a significant portion of proceeds from each product sale will be split evenly amongst The Dialogue Projects' affiliated charities. The Dialogue Projects stands behind their brand and each mental health program that it supports has been carefully selected for its values, mission and impact.


     You Name It Baby! Jeremie Andrew Genumark Creative Bag